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Things to do

World Heritage listed K’gari (Fraser Island) is a unique natural environment that has developed over 800,000 years. It is the largest sand island in the world and one of the rare places where rainforest grows on sand.

K’gari offers a vast amount to enjoy and explore from crystal blue lakes to green, mossy forests. Enjoy the abundant native flora and fauna by taking a walk amongst the beautiful and majestic eucalypts, blooming banksia and coastal pandanus, while watching out for the large variety of birds and other wildlife.

From Happy Valley it’s only a 10-minute drive to Eli Creek, the largest freshwater creek on the East coast of Australia. And then a further 10 minutes to the Maheno Shipwreck which was a Hospital Ship at Gallipoli – make sure to look at the plaque on the stone pedestal at the foot of the sane dunes.

Air Fraser offer scenic flights taking off from the eastern beach at various locations – book with the pilots wherever you see them on the beach.

Remember to drive on the beach around the low tide – check the tides and download tide tables here.


Generally dingoes go about their lives and stay clear of people. Unhabituated dingoes have a natural fear of people and shy away. Stay alert and stay calm. From time to time, dingoes may come close – if you feel threatened:

  • Stand still at your full height and fold your arms across your chest.
  • Face the dingo, then calmly back away.
  • If you are with another person, stand back to back.
  • Confidently call for help.
  • Wait until the dingo or dingoes are gone before you continue on your way.
  • Do not run or wave your arms.

Treat the dingoes as the wild dogs that they are – get more info here.